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In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Patheon Pharmaceuticals has enlisted IMP’s Rental Power Solutions to provide temporary prime power for their Manati plant in Puerto Rico. The power outages in the U.S. territory have effectively crippled much of the pharmaceutical industry’s production in the region, which accounts for more than half of Puerto Rico’s manufacturing, and is the island’s most prominent industry. Big Pharma companies, which originally came to the area due to the now-expired Section 936 federal tax incentives, are now all urgently working to prevent months of downtime which could further damage both the companies and the local economy. In a strategic move, Patheon will be utilizing one of RPS’s CAT XQ1000 generator sets to stave further production delays while the ravaged isle waits for the Power Grid to be fully restored.

This year’s hurricane season has been exceptionally gruesome and isn’t expected to end for another month. The Caribbean Islands and the U.S. have experienced severe storms causing devastation and mass power outages. Puerto Rico is now the largest blackout in U.S. History, The Weather Channel reports. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico over one month ago and millions of residents were left without power, many of whom are still awaiting power restoration today. The impact of Hurricanes Maria and Irma has been monumental. With power out for as long as it has been in Puerto Rico, many are not receiving much needed medical assistance and care, no longer have fresh edible food, and minimal access to clean water or fuel. As a leading power generator rental source, Rental Power Solutions has made it a priority to assist this region. RPS has a large fleet available to ship and restore power to those in need currently, or who are preparing for potential emergency situations.