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Florida Hurricane Season 2020

Hurricane season is quickly approaching, and the projections from meteorology experts are pointing to an above-average season.

“Nearly all seasonal projections that have been issued by various agencies, institutions and private forecasting companies call for this season to be quite busy,” says CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward.

The official hurricane season starts June 1st, and nearly all the forecasting are anticipating above-average activity; more than six hurricanes. Some of these projections are even calling for an “extremely active” season; expecting more than nine hurricanes.

While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration won’t be releasing their forecasts until May 21st, the fact that there’s such a strong consensus among the 12+ forecasts already published, it certainly suggests that we need to prepare for an active season.

Phil Klotzbach, a research scientist in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University notes that “in general, the consensus between seasonal hurricane forecasts this year is greater than it has been the past few years.”

So, with a likely difficult season ahead, it’s important for businesses to prepare.

How Businesses Can Prepare

According to CNBC, nearly 40% of small businesses that are forced to temporarily close due to hurricanes never reopen at all. And many of these businesses are forced to shutter as a result of power outages.

With that, a great way to hedge against power loss for your business is to rent or purchase a backup generator. Rental Power Solutions not only offers these solutions, but we also provide low-cost Contingency Rental Agreements from June 1st through November 30th. These CRAs essentially reserve a rental generator for your company, but without having to take on the full cost of delivery and installation for the entire season.

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