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A collection of recent power-related news in the communities RPS serves, in addition to special offers, and company press releases.

warehouse generator
What to Look for in a Food Supply Warehouse Generator

Downtime. It’s not an option when your business relies on refrigeration and temperature controlled storage. Thousands of dollars in potential profits are at risk within minutes of a power outage.

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emergency essentials
The Emergency Essentials You Need to Prepare Your Home for a Disaster

Florida is one of the five most natural disaster-prone states in America. People living in the state run the risk of dealing with anything from wildfires to sinkholes. But hurricanes

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backup generators
How to Safely Operate Backup Generators in Hurricanes

It’s been a rough year for people living on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The 2017 hurricane season has been one of the most active on record. Those in badly

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Rental Power Solutions Providing Power to Puerto Rico Pharma Industry

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Patheon Pharmaceuticals has enlisted IMP’s Rental Power Solutions to provide temporary prime power for their Manati plant in Puerto Rico. The power outages in

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